A Creation Myth for our Time

A Creation Story for our Time.

In the beginning, everything was One.

For an eternity, the universe existed in a state of perfect, unimaginable bliss. A tiny point of infinite density containing everything in existence. Everything connected to everything else. 

There was no pain. There was no loneliness. Only blissful connection, forever and ever. And ever and ever and ever. 

The first eternity was heavenly. 

The second eternity… meh.

Halfway through the third, the universe said, “Nuts to this, I’m fucking bored,” and exploded into an infinity of is-ness. 

Suddenly, there was loneliness, pain, and confusion as the infinitely separated universe wondered, “Oh shit, what exactly have we gotten ourselves into?” and immediately longed for the lost, perfect, boring connection of the One. 

Thus began the Quest of the universe to find itself once again. The infinite is-ness eventually coalesced into vibrations, then subatomic particles, atoms, interstellar dust, and stars. Stars kept condensing until they finally exploded too, flinging heavier atoms out into the void. 

Slowly, the universe started finding itself. Then life, and consciousness – born into separateness, aware of its separateness. Conscious loneliness appeared, the struggle to survive, the thrill of living. Hunger, pain, fear, joy, connection, Love, the whole spectrum of the human condition.   

And now here we are, with a speck of memory of perfect bliss in our collective unconscious, a subconscious filled with the loneliness of perceived separation, and a conscious mind trying to hide from it all in the busyness of life. 

Published by Matthew B

Scientist, Mystic, Photographer - bringing love, light, and beauty into the world, any way I can 😁

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