Meditation and Mindfulness Class 1-7-21

Recording of the Meditation & Mindfulness class held on Zoom on January 7th, 2021.

Topics include: Reacting mindfully when the world is going crazy, and the Vedanta worldview of the world as a play.

If you would like music for the meditations, here is the Spotify playlist we used.

A Heart Chakra Meditation to open our Heart

Every time we’re hurt, every time we’re wounded, every time we’re traumatized, we close our heart a little more. 

Over time, our heart can become entirely closed off, blocked, and we can no longer feel the Love that is all around us. We lose touch with our connection to the universe, and to everyone and everything in it. We no longer feel our place in the world. 

We can feel all the love we want, anytime we want. We just have to open our heart.

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