Chaos in Harmony

Photo Credit: Eric Allen The story picks up from my last post about Envision: Sunset in the Vortex Saturday night, I’m not sure when, exactly. Time is starting to lose meaning after witnessing a miraculous sunset and spending what seemed like an eternity relishing the most delicious mango I’ve ever consumed. I’m at the Lapa stage,Continue reading “Chaos in Harmony”

Sunset in the Vortex

Photo credit: Eric Allen (I pulled this from the Envision website) Saturday night is upon us, day three, the pinnacle of the festival. All the big names play tonight, the crowd is swelling, excitement building in the air. My companion at the time is Julie, a beautiful, athletic woman of Indian descent who’s striking greyContinue reading “Sunset in the Vortex”

Going with the Flow

My Experiment: Part 9 You can read Part 8 here: Fitting Right In Before I delve into the magic that transpired at Envision, I’d like to set the context. A recurring theme in my posts is a tendency to get caught up in the schemes created by my mind. I often find myself evaluating the currentContinue reading “Going with the Flow”