12 hours of Panic

At first, COVID-19 seemed like the other recent health scares, swine-flu, zika virus, SARS – a bunch of hype that didn’t really affect me. Especially living down in the little surfer village of Bahia, Costa Rica. My little bubble burst rudely the morning of Wednesday, March 12th, when I made my weekly trek down toContinue reading “12 hours of Panic”

Time for a Full-Kerouac Experiment (aka Why editing is important)

Shit, I had it, then I lost it. It was going to all flow out, but now it’s gone.  Breathe What is there?  If it’s not the idea I had for this experiment, what is it? What is there? Sit up straight – I finally have a desk built in my…room. It’s not really aContinue reading “Time for a Full-Kerouac Experiment (aka Why editing is important)”