My Experiment: Part 2 – The Return

Photo above: my new home office You can read Part 1 here: My Experiment: Part 1 – Introduction My month-long experiment in Costa Rica yielded promising results. To recap, the goal of the trip was to deprogram my mind, to determine if being in a different environment would facilitate breaking the patterns in my mind thatContinue reading “My Experiment: Part 2 – The Return”

My Experiment: Part 1 – Introduction

I want to deprogram my mind. I feel like I have all these programs running through my head that have developed in response to my environment. I needed to develop these programs, because we all have to figure out how to fit in to our environment. But often, the programs get out of control, theyContinue reading “My Experiment: Part 1 – Introduction”

Killing Time

“Killing time”, that’s an interesting choice of words. When you’re bored, you have time to kill, you’re waiting for something better to happen. The way this phrase is worded, we tend to think “killing” is used as an action: we’re killing time, reducing the amount of time between now and some future event. But whatContinue reading “Killing Time”

The Light Inside

The Light InsideBy Reaction Mass I can feel it    the light inside of meShining through     from Eternity I am light     light is me This is a song about meditation, about the experiences I have when my mind goes quiet, my thoughts drop away, and I can feel my connection to theContinue reading “The Light Inside”