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Meditation Brings more Fun into our Lives

Meditation has become hipper than vintage clothes and ironic mustaches in recent years, but have you ever wondered why meditate? What’s the point? Common reasons given for meditation often revolve around the health benefits, mental and physical, calming the mind, reducing stress, sleeping better, reducing stress, etc. Or you might hear of more esoteric reasons,Continue reading “Meditation Brings more Fun into our Lives”


See, everything works out exactly the way it should. Why do I keep resisting it? What can’t I just accept the lesson with gratitude?

Chaos in Harmony

Photo Credit: Eric Allen The story picks up from my last post about Envision: Sunset in the Vortex Saturday night, I’m not sure when, exactly. Time is starting to lose meaning after witnessing a miraculous sunset and spending what seemed like an eternity relishing the most delicious mango I’ve ever consumed. I’m at the Lapa stage,Continue reading “Chaos in Harmony”

Removing Barriers

My Experiment: Part 12 You can read Part 11 here: Digging Deeper At the end of yoga class the other day, the teacher (the wonderful Dagmar from Montezuma Yoga) shared a poem from Rumi that deeply resonated with me: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and remove all the barriersContinue reading “Removing Barriers”

Digging Deeper

My Experiment: Part 11 You can read part 10 here: Walking the Tightrope Sunset at low tide, I’m wandering among the rocks at the nearby point, and I happen upon an enchanting little cove. Most of the time it’s under water, but when the tide is out, a small sandy beach is revealed, maybe thirty feetContinue reading “Digging Deeper”

Walking the Tightrope

My Experiment: Part 10 You can read Part 9 here: Going with the Flow I want to thank my friend Chris for the title of this post (he was quoting Stevie Ray Vaugh). It’s another metaphor for finding balance, I think I’m going to need lots of those, because this is a recurring theme that keepsContinue reading “Walking the Tightrope”

Going with the Flow

My Experiment: Part 9 You can read Part 8 here: Fitting Right In Before I delve into the magic that transpired at Envision, I’d like to set the context. A recurring theme in my posts is a tendency to get caught up in the schemes created by my mind. I often find myself evaluating the currentContinue reading “Going with the Flow”

Fitting Right In

My Experiment: Part 8 You can read Part 7 here: Enjoying the Journey I might be getting the hang of the tides at the surf break across the road from me. It’s a tricky balance: if the tide is too high, it washes out the break. But if the tide is too low, the rocks appear–Continue reading “Fitting Right In”

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