Meditation Brings more Fun into our Lives

Meditation has become hipper than vintage clothes and ironic mustaches in recent years, but have you ever wondered why meditate? What’s the point? Common reasons given for meditation often revolve around the health benefits, mental and physical, calming the mind, reducing stress, sleeping better, reducing stress, etc. Or you might hear of more esoteric reasons,Continue reading “Meditation Brings more Fun into our Lives”

A Creation Myth for our Time

A Creation Story for our Time. In the beginning, everything was One. For an eternity, the universe existed in a state of perfect, unimaginable bliss. A tiny point of infinite density containing everything in existence. Everything connected to everything else.  There was no pain. There was no loneliness. Only blissful connection, forever and ever. AndContinue reading “A Creation Myth for our Time”


See, everything works out exactly the way it should. Why do I keep resisting it? What can’t I just accept the lesson with gratitude?


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